Level Up Online Learning

  • 5-Step Guide: How To Be Online Learning Ready

    Here are 5 steps to help guide students and parents of students to make sure they have all their bases covered to start their online classes.

    1. Prepare a gadget for online learning.         

    2. Have reliable internet connection.

    3. Arrange a quiet and well-lit place for online learning.

    4. Select a good study table.

    5. Pick the right chair.

  • What is Your 2020 Persona?

    Personas are tropes built from the characteristics of people we find recurring around us. With 2020 putting us all in unique positions we've never been before, we're bound to notice changes in our lifestyles and even in ourselves. Hence, these 2020 personas are a bit different from what we usually see. However, while it's entirely possible to fully identify with only one persona, human beings are not one dimensional and are likely to be a combination of these personas. 

  • Is Online Learning Effective for Kids?

    It depends. Learning is not as clear cut for everyone because many factors influence one's learning. Although online education is a great alternative to traditional education because it is safer, more cost-effective, and time-efficient, it is new. Thus, it takes time to develop it into a tool as effective, if not more effective, than old tools used in educating learners.
  • Procrastination Can Be Good For You

    People often associate procrastination with weak will power, bad time management, and even laziness. But that is not always the case! Like anything, procrastination can be done strategically to benefit you. Exercising Active procrastination can help with prioritization, creativity, relaxation and mental health, and decision making. Why do you procrastinate?
  • 10 Things You Can Learn From Home During Covid Season

    10 things you can learn from home during Covid Season to Make Staying at Home as fun if not more fun than going out Photo by Sincerely Media on Un...
  • What It’s Like Growing Up Speaking 3 Languages

    Growing up speaking three language isn't easy. It means I'm always Othered. In the worst moments, I don't know who I am. Languages belie cultural histories and having several coexist in me is like having warring cultures inside me. It's not easy. But my existence is a testament to my ancestor's resilience. And for that, I am proud.
  • How to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

    Reading is part of our daily life, from reading ads and signs to reading labels and subtitles! Improving how you read today through these simple steps: 1. Start reading at a young age 2. Find out what you enjoy reading and read those 3.Talk to others about what you read!
  • How to Maximize Your Potential

    How to Maximize Your Potential Today

    Here are some things you can do right now to help you maximize your potential and help make sure you're doing something to improve yourself so you can start feeling better about yourself and loving yourself more.

  • How to Learn a Language FAST?

    Are you having a hard time learning a new language?  Here are some tips on how to learn a new language ASAP.   1. Set Your Goals One of the most...
  • How to Use Online Learning to Suit Different Learning Styles

    Are you a teacher who is having a hard time transitioning from classroom setup to online learning? Here are some tips you can use to make learning...