Online Tutoring Changes the Education Industry

Even if schools will never run out of fashion anytime soon, it is becoming more and more popular to further one's education by taking courses on Udemy, Skillshare or Coursera. Though these courses cannot replace a degree, these comprise a very important field of education, the informal education industry.

People have always recognized the value of knowledge. Lucky for us, acquiring new skills or learning new information has never been easier with the help of the world wide web. Learning how to write a good copy or build a good website has never been easier. 

In line with this, another form of informal education is also made easier given current technology. If taking a class can be done with a laptop and a credit card, now, you can have your very own tutor through your computer screen as well!

Several companies provide you a tutor that would help you further your learning for an hour or two a day at an affordable price and at the comfort of your home. This is the future of informal education. With online platforms that allow you to communicate with tutors, teachers and coaches in real time, you no longer have to pore over material after material online, hoping to figure out how to write a grammatically correct English sentence. 

Furthermore, an invaluable addition to having an experienced tutor teach you a topic is the experience they can share with you. While a textbook or a youtube video could provide you with knowledge, only a person can converse with you and share with you insights that they were able to acquire over years of immersing themselves in the area you are only now dabbling in. That saves you immense leg work for just a teensy bit of time.

Lastly, one of the problems the world faces today lies in the worsening isolation experienced by the modern individual. You see, while technology has allowed people to communicate much easier than ever before, it has also ironically drawn people apart because tweets and posts have replaced actual human conversation.

If you're an introvert, you may wonder for a while why this can ever be a bad thing, but if you can recall a situation where in you had to communicate something important to another person and felt worried because you did not know how to properly do so, then this is why. We have a culture that has made communication seem unnecessary.

Online tutoring goes against that philosophy by having at its core, the value of human connection. More than anything, what a student needs is not a machine to guide them as they grow into the leaders and pioneers of tomorrow. They need mentors, coaches, tutors who will lead them not by sheer facts though those are always present, but with experience and wisdom that no machine can ever replace. 

If we want to change a growing isolated world, we should start teaching the value of human interaction. Education has long been considered a journey toward self discovery. But in doing so, we neglect the shoulders we stand on to get to where we are today. Education has never been an individual activity. What educators teach go way beyond textbooks and hard skills. It's time we recognize that. It's time we recognize that learning should not be an individual activity; students should learn that even with technology, there's a far more valuable resource we could not overlook, and that is human experience, social interaction, the teacher and student relationship.