From One Tutor to an Organization

Level Up started with the goal to make education easy and simple. With experience teaching as a tutor, as a coach, and as a lecturer in private educational institutions, the founder realized that teaching was highly rewarding for the person however, largely unappreciated in the industry. While educational institutions earned a lot running a business, a lot of the teachers still struggle. With this pain, the founder decided to build a platform that bridged educators and students; this platform will provide the best experience for both students and educators while giving back to the teaching community.

It’s not news to everyone that teaching is one of the most under appreciated professions out there. While universities definitely treat their teachers better, primary and secondary education teachers could definitely be treated better. 

Level Up is a platform created to break that structure. Given the advancement of technology and the rise in popularity of informal teaching, Level Up was born. With a business model that aims to give as much to the educators as possible, Level Up hopes to encourage more individuals to enter into the teaching profession albeit in the informal education sector.

Level Up also hopes to utilize the Tutoring teaching model to not only recognize but encourage individuality and diversity in student learning styles. With careful consideration, the Level Up Organization aims to provide the best match between educator and learner through the Custom Tutor Match program. Through a questionnaire that tutors and students fill out, Level Up aims to match each student to a tutor whose expertise and teaching style would suit the student.

In time, the founder found other members of the education community who share her sentiments. Eventually, what has once been a one-woman team has grown to be a small organization comprised of talented individuals from different industries who share great hope for the future of the Philippine informal education industry.