Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions 

      1. The student hereby certifies that s/he will have internet connectivity with at least 1.5mbps upload and 1.5mbps download and shall not, under any circumstance hold Level Up Tutorial or any entity under its name accountable for bad service performed under conditions where the student’s internet connection was faulty.

      2. The student agrees that responsibility over hardware quality and reliability (laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone) on his or her end is entirely his or hers. Any malfunction of microphone, webcam, gadget screen or battery are responsibilities of the student.

      3. Students agree that whatever information Level Up receives about them or containing their information will be used only for the purposes of matching them with the best tutor possible and of providing them the best form of tutorial service and shall be protected in an encrypted cloud storage in accordance with Data Privacy Act of 2012.

      4. Students take full responsibility for their booking be it through messenger, email, or directly via our booking platform. This means students should show up on time to their schedule and be responsible for the time wasted if one shows up late. Minutes lost when one arrives late is forfeited.

      5. Students certify that the answers they provide in teacher evaluation are reasonable and fair to their tutors.

      6. Students who show up later than 15 minutes to the agreed upon schedule for a tutorial session shall be considered absent.

      7. When a student is absent without prior notice (3 hours prior), that session where he or she is absent is forfeited.

      8. Each paid session lasts 60 minutes give or take five minutes set up in the beginning and each free session lasts 30 minutes give or take five minutes set in the beginning.

      9. Any extension of a session will consume other sessions (i.e., If you’re having your first session, and you request to extend your session with your tutor when the time has run out, whatever time is used for extension will be subtracted from your second session.)

      10. Students shall agree to a reschedule or request for a new tutor or substitute tutor when his or her tutor requests for a reschedule at least 24 hours prior to the booked session.

      11. Students agree to have their tutoring sessions monitored via video recording for the protection of both student and tutor.

      12. Students agree to avoid asking personal questions, including but not limited to, contact details, address, relationship status, of their tutors.

      13.  Students have the discretion to leave the virtual classroom and request for a make-up session without any additional pay when his or her tutor is later than 15 minutes.

      14. When the tutor is late, the student is entitled to have a make up session equivalent to the amount of time lost. This can be availed immediately after the booked session or carried over to any future session.

      15. For complaints about tutors, get in touch with us immediately.

      16. Interrupted or canceled sessions due to fortuitous events (faulty internet connection, malfunctioning gadget, electricity interruption, etc.) will warrant a make-up session, to pick up where the last session was left off. (For example, you are 20 minutes into your session when you experience power failure, then you can book a new session to continue the 40 minutes left from your session.)

      17. Students below 7 years of age must be accompanied by a legal guardian during the entire tutoring session to conduct Assisted Parent Teaching. Read about Assisted Parent Teaching to learn more.