How Does Online Tutoring Work?

How does online tutoring work?

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Step by Step Manual: Level Up Student Manual

1. Know what subject you need

The first thing you need to do is know clearly what subject or topic you need help with. Know why you want to hire a tutor for. Is it Mathematics or Science? Is it Calculus or Trigonometry? Chemistry or Physics? If it's English, is it language or academic English?

You want to be specific with what you need help with so that you can choose the right tutorial service. Once you identify this, you can start browsing through the Courses section in the Level Up Website. 

Click on "Courses" in the menu bar in our homepage and you'll be directed to a list of all the subjects and services offered by Level Up Tutorial like language tutoring, academic tutoring, or music tutoring. 

2. Determine how many hours of tutoring you need

If you need help with one topic in school to pass an exam, you probably need only a few hours of tutoring to help you understand said topic. In this case, you are better off getting a 3 session (3 hours) package for tutoring service. But if you struggle with English and need help with it for an entire semester, you will probably need more sessions and a 10 session (10 hours) package might suit you better.

Determining how much tutoring you need is important because it can help you spend your money wisely. Although quality tutoring is always priceless, but if you get tutoring in a subject you don't need, then you're wasting money you're better off spending in another tutoring service to learn a new skill, like speaking Japanese or playing the Piano. 

3. Choose your tutor

Now that you've selected the kind of service you need, for example, Senior High School tutoring for Math, the next step for you will be to choose which tutor you want to work with. The good thing here is you get to pick whom you learn from; this is also very important because there's no perfect tutor, but there are tutors who are great for you depending on what you need help with. 

To help you make an informed decision, Level Up Tutorial has a selection of qualified tutors listed in their Tutors section of the Level Up website. Here, you can read about the tutors' expertise and skills, and you can also check out their teaching previews to see their teaching style and see if it would suit yours!

While all Level Up Tutors are highly qualified and have gone through a selective application process, each tutor is different. Some of them have degrees and certifications while some of them are students with outstanding academic performance which allows them to provide great tutoring service. It's up to you to determine how much help you need with a particular subject or topic.

4. Pay on the check out

Once you've selected the subject you need help with and the tutor you want to help you, the next step is to proceed to check out and finalize your transaction. You want to do this as soon as possible so you can book your first tutoring session immediately!

You can select among the payment options provided in check out. Then, when your transaction is confirmed, you'll receive a link to book your first tutoring session. 

5. Book your session.

When you finish checking out, you will receive an e-mail confirming your transaction. Then, you'll be directed to a booking page where you can choose among the available schedules listed to set your tutoring session. You can choose to book your first session, your first and second, or even all your sessions. To better understand how to do this, you can view our Level Up Student Manual.

Once you submit your chosen schedule/s, wait for a confirmation e-mail telling you which schedule/s you have selected. Once you do, you should also receive a link to a video call that you can use every time you have a tutoring session scheduled. 

Now, before going to your scheduled tutoring session, you want to fill out a form Level Up sent you through e-mail. Through this form, you can let your tutor know what subject you need help with, and what materials you have with you so they can review before showing up to your scheduled session. This makes sure you get the best quality of service for the least amount of time.

6. Prepare for your tutoring session

Before going to your tutoring session, you want to prepare all the materials you think you will need for your tutoring session. What gadget will you be using for your call? Is it a laptop or a tablet? Make sure your gadget is fully charged or plugged in. Make sure that the web camera and microphone of your designated is functioning well. Also, check your internet connection. Since your tutor will be communicating with you online, having good internet connection is vital to an effective session. Lastly, prepare materials you think you need; if you're having a Mathematics tutoring session, you want to prepare papers and pens to use when answering Math Problems.

7. Show up to your tutoring session

On the day of your scheduled tutoring session, you want to show up 15 minutes early to your session so that if you have technical difficulties, you can figure out how things work before your session starts. This means you don't waste even a single minute and get to maximize the entire session you paid for.