Teach A Class With Level Up Academy

Teach A Class With Level Up Academy

Are you an educator at heart? Whatever industry or practice you are in, you can share it to learners everywhere and help level up their lives!

Follow the 4-step process below to teach a class with Level Up Academy and make a difference!

Teach A Class with Level Up Academy

4 Easy Steps to Launching Your Class

1. Fill out the Application Form.

     Once you've filled out your application form, wait for an email from us to confirm receipt of your application. Then, please proceed to Step 2.

2. Submit a Teaching Preview.

3. Create a course outline.

     After submitting your Application Form, please wait 5 to 10 days for us to carefully review your application and teaching preview. We will send you an email on the status of your application.

4. Open Your Class and Wait for Students to Sign Up.




Why Teach with Level Up Academy?

Level Up for All Stakeholders

For every class you teach with Level Up Academy, 20% of the proceeds go into a scholarship fund that is used to help those who deserve quality education but are less able to afford it.

Learning Made Accessible

With the internet, learning has never been easier. But with so much information bombarding you on a daily basis, sorting through them becomes a herculean task. Rather than going online to learn, students become side tracked and overwhelmed. 

We make learning accessible. Learn from real people, with real experience, with the heart to teach, and the knowledge to share.

Culture and Value

Grades and merit serve a purpose, but we're in an age where your skills and work speak louder than anything else. At Level Up, we believe that learning is the key to level up not only your skills, your life, but also your community.

We have abundant talent in the community. By sharing what we are privileged to learn, we can make a difference in everyone's lives and make our society a much better place to live in. 




You have a question for us?

You have a question for us? Send us an email at [email protected] or send as an instant message to our Facebook page or WhatsApp (09277128095).