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With everyone doing workouts from home, diversify your workout routine by incorporating boxing! Not only is boxing a martial art, it's one of the best workouts to incorporate in anyone's fitness routine.

Did you know that boxing moderately for an hour can burn approx. 300-400 calories? Not to mention, it's a great HIIT that also helps build muscle all over the body; this makes it an amazing workout for body recomposition and weight loss!

Also, we love boxing because it's just so much fun to strike. Nothing helps relieve your stress better after a long winding day than a good punching session!

What you'll learn:

1. How to perform basic punches

2. Boxing Body Movement

3. How to Use Boxing to Get More Fit



Raelene (instructor)

For over 7 years, Raelene has diversified her boxing experience not only with years of training in boxing but also with boxing instruction. She was one of the select Philippine delegrates to represent the country in the World Martial Arts convention and World Taekkyeon Tournament in South Korean in the past. Additionally, she taught in Ateneo grade school and high school for co-curricular boxing and also cross trained in other martial arts like Muaythai, Taekkyeon and Arnis to help enrich her appreciation and approach to boxing. In the last few years, she's been an advocate for fitness and she acquired a CPD diploma in Fitness to help grow her knowledge in fitness.


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