Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics (SHS)

Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics (SHS)

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This tutoring helps students understand and apply ideas from Anthropology, Political Science, and Sociology to better understand human cultures, human agency, society and politics so that they may recognize cultural relativism and social inclusiveness to overcome prejudices, and develop social and cultural competence to guide their interactions with groups, communities, networks, and institutions. This tutoring is for senior high school students (Grades 11 & 12) and should cover a range of topics, including but not exclusive to: 

Defining Culture and Society From the Perspectives of Anthropology and Sociology

Looking back at Human Biocultural and Social

Becoming a member of society

How society is organized

Cultural, social and political institutions

Social and political stratification

Cultural, Social, and Political Change

New challenges to human adaptation and social change

Responding to social, political, and cultural change





Biological Molecules

Energy Transformation

Organismal Biology


Evolution and Origin of Biodiversity

Systematics Based on Evolutionary Relationships



1 session = 1 hour +/- 5 minutes for starting and ending the session.


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