Physical Science (SHS)

Physical Science (SHS)

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This tutoring helps students build their knowledge of the Earth on a planetary
scale, particularly of the history of the Earth through geologic time, of the Earth’s
structure and composition, of processes that occur beneath and on the Earth’s surface, and of issues, concerns, and problems pertaining to Earth’s resources. This tutoring is for senior high school students and should cover a range of topics, including but not exclusive to: 

How The Elements Found In The Universe Were Formed

How The Idea Of The Atom, Along With The Idea Of The Elements Evolved

How The Properties Of Matter Relate To Their Chemical Structure

How Chemical Changes Take Place

How Chemistry Contributes To The Understanding of Household and Personal Care Products

How We Come To Realize That The Earth Is Not The Center Of The Universe

Why We Believe That The Laws Of Physics Are Universal

How Light Acts As A Wave And A Particle

How Physics Helps Us Understand The Cosmos





1 session = 1 hour +/- 5 minutes for starting and ending the session.


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