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Did you know that boxing moderately for an hour can burn approx. 300-400 calories? It's a great HIIT that also helps build muscle all over the body; this makes it an amazing workout for body recomposition and weight loss!

This one on one coaching is for students who wish to learn boxing as a form of fitness. By taking this session, one can learn how to do basic punches, observe proper boxing form, basic weaves and bobs, while working up a sweat through a good boxing workout every time!



Levels( Beginner - intermediate)

     Beginner: Has zero or very little knowledge of boxing

     Intermediate: Has prior boxing experience



1 session = 1 hour +/- 5 minutes for starting and ending the session.

*Taking 3 or 10 sessions is not enough to box proficiently. We suggest taking more sessions and increasing your exposure to the craft by consistently practicing for best results.


Give us at least 24 work hours to finalize your transaction. We will send you a message to the email address you provided. A link to book your first session will also be included. Thank you!


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