Teaching Pool Application

Level Up Academy Teaching Pool Application

What is Level Up Teaching Pool?

Level Up's Teaching Pool is a community of hidden gems and educators at heart who share Level Up's advocacy -- to elevate lives through education. 

The Level Up Teaching Pool is a project-based program where individuals and Level Up work together to bring quality online education to as many students as we possibly can. Level Up has several programs launching in 2021 (sponsor-a-scholar, asynchronous courses, and on-demand online group classes). Members of the Teaching Pool will be consulted with regards to these subjects and they will be teaching students depending on their availability and the schedule of the student. 

If you're an educator or if you have something you wish to share but never had a chance to do so before, join Level Up Teaching Pool as we bring quality education for both academic and non-traditional subjects to the students who value learning.

For questions and clarifications, please check out our Teaching Pool FAQ.

How to join Level Up Teaching Pool?

Below is a step by step process of our application procedure. Follow each one and join our teaching pool. Good luck!

STEP 1: Send your resume and state through a cover letter which subject you would like to teach.

Send your cv in PDF to [email protected]

STEP 2: Interview

1. Record a video of yourself answering these questions.

2. Save your video in MP4 under filename Surname, First Name_Interview (e.g., Lim, Sharon_Interview or Tan, Kyle_Interview). Make sure the share settings are in "anyone with link" as "editor" or "anyone with link can edit".

3. Upload your interview video to your Google Drive.

4. Attach your MP4 video to an email from your Google Drive.

5. Send the email to [email protected] with the title: Interview Submission

STEP 3: Teaching Preview

1. If you pass the interview, you will be given a topic assignment for your Teaching Preview through email.

2. Read the Teaching Preview Instructions very thoroughly.

5. Record and submit your teaching preview following the Teaching Preview Instructions. Make sure the share settings are in "anyone with link" as "editor" or "anyone with link can edit".

7. Await your results.


Please do not proceed to Steps 2 or 3 without being told to do so. We will not be processing applicants who skip any of the application steps. Thank you.

If you have any questions or need assistance with the process, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]