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A merit scholar graduate from University of the Asia and the Pacific with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities and a master’s degree in Management, Abby’s outstanding academic background makes her a capable tutor in the subjects of Business Management, Liberal arts and even English and Math. Also having prior tutoring experience helping foreign students learn English, Abby is used to interacting with students from other cultural backgrounds which makes her an amazing choice for students from non Filipino backgrounds.
A graduate from University of Sto. Tomas and pursuing further studies in Ateneo de Manila University, Aidoe has helped students from the Philippines and Spain to improve their skills in language speaking. Today, he is helping students from various backgrounds and year levels improve their comprehension and performance across a wide range of subjects.
Dana is a Psychology honors graduate with a minor in Literature from Ateneo de Manila University. With a passion for teaching, she participated in many organizations working with children development and learning while she was in university; she later led a student organization herself, helping make sure modules children use are effective for their learning goals. During this time, she managed to work with students of various ages which now equip her with the necessary skills to help any student further his or her learning in school.
Currently taking her Accountancy undergraduate degree in De La Salle University Manila, Dom is not only a scholar but also a consistent honor student who’s received several academic awards throughout her years of education. She’s a graduate of Accountancy, Business and Management in senior high school and she's also active in several student organizations and publications, while volunteering in various programs and events. These set her apart as a well-rounded and adaptable individual who can readily meet the different demands of students from different learning backgrounds.
Donna is a senior high school lecturer in Gardner College Diliman and she is currently pursuing her MAEd Educational Management in Philippine Women’s University. Prior to this, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Community Nutrition from University of the Philippines Diliman and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from University College of Paranaque. She also pursued further studies in Clinical Nutrition from Philippine Women’s University and received her Teaching Certificate from University College of Paranaque. Passionate about education, Donna has made learning a lifelong journey, pursuing certifications and degrees in several areas of expertise. She also has several experiences teaching formally and informally to students of varying ages, from children to adults which make her a highly versatile and adaptable educator. 
Currently finishing her major in European Studies and International Relations and minors in German Language and Culture, and Japanese Studies in Ateneo de Manila University, Ella used to freelance as a tutor and she also used to work in the tutoring industry to assist lecturers during College Entrance Test reviews. With her outstanding academic performance and organization involvement in and out of the country, she has shown great promise in dealing with students from different backgrounds, age groups, and year level. 
George is a graduate of Management of Applied Chemistry from Ateneo de Manila University. He is a Registered Chemical Technician and has practiced his profession in the chemical industry as a Safety and Environment Officer. He also experienced teaching Chinese and has a background in Chinese education from Saint Jude Catholic School. With his specialized background, George is an excellent choice to learn Chemistry and Chinese from.
A graduate of both Psychology and Development Studies from Ateneo de Manila University, Jigs is a certified teacher who taught Social Sciences in Ateneo Senior High School. There, he taught Community Engagement, Solidarity, and Citizenship; Understanding Culture, Society, and Politics; Disciplines and Ideas in the Applied Social Sciences; Philippine Politics and Governance. With his teaching experience, he has helped many young students grasp concepts in the Social Sciences.
While finishing his Electrical Engineering degree in University of the Philippines, Diliman, Macky already has years of experience in the tutoring industry helping with backend work while also tutoring students himself. With his great communication skills and his proficiency in Math, he is a great tutor for those who are eager to improve their understanding and performance in this subject that oftentimes seem so elusive.
Neri is a graduate of University of Santo Tomas, Conservatory of Music; she graduated with her Bachelor of Music degree with majors in music education and in flute. She was a member of the University of Santo Tomas Symphony Band and taught flute and recorder in the music department of Colegio San Agustin; she also taught flute and recorder while also being an ensemble teacher in Hankuk Academy; she taught flute and recorder and later on worked as an administrative officer in the Yamaha School of Music Philippines; and she also worked as an admin and music teacher in Expression Music Inc. 
Philip is a licensed civil engineer currently practicing his craft as an assistant engineer in an engineering consultancy firm. He graduated Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of the Philippines Diliman where he also participated and partook in leadership positions in several school organizations. While in college, he had the opportunity to tutor students in Mathematics to grade school and high school students, and prior to that, he was a consistent honor student during his primary and secondary school. 
A student in Ateneo de Manila University with exceptional skill in playing the piano, Robin is known for his unconventional methods of teaching piano such as teaching students to play by ear. In touch with students’ individualities, he is an excellent tutor for beginner and intermediate piano players who wish to translate modern music into piano melodies.
Shaun is cum laude graduate of University of the Philippines Diliman in BS Chemical Engineering and he achieved Level 3 in the Test of Proficiency in Korean II. He has experience teaching Chemistry Subjects and teaching Korean language in the past. He taught Korean language in a Korean-Filipino friendship organization in the university, he also worked as an academic consultant in a learning institution during which he taught Chemistry subjects, and later on, he utilized his skills in the Korean language to work in a corporation.
A merit scholar graduate from Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Psychology, and currently pursuing further studies in Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health, Timothy has an unquestionably remarkable academic record. On top of that, he was also active in organizations while being a student athlete; he won first place in Men’s Team Sabre event in the UAAP 76th season and right now, he is also pursuing an acting career which makes him a well-rounded educator capable of adapting to various learning environments. Having represented the country abroad to compete in Mathematics, he is an incredibly qualified Mathematics tutor for any student looking to appreciate the subject better.
Vica is a Psychology graduate of Ateneo de Manila University with an outstanding academic record. She has also been teaching even before she went into college, and has since been pursuing a career in education, helping children from various backgrounds make sure they’re on track with their learning goals. She’s also a practicing behavioral therapist who works with children with autism. Given her background not only in teaching but also in interacting with children from various backgrounds, Vica has superb flexibility and patience when dealing with students.

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