How Online Learning Permanently Changed the Way Students Learn

How Online Learning Permanently Changed The Way Students LearnOnline learning photo from freepik

Covid-19 disrupted our lives; many industries are shaken. Lives and livelihoods are permanently changed. Businesses shut down and educational institutions ceased operations because of lockdowns and government restrictions.

This interrupted the education of our students. While most have to cease going to school, some students were on the verge of graduating and had important milestones in their education derailed.

As the pandemic drags on, students needed an alternative that allows them to continue learning without having to meet in classrooms as they used to.

Online Learning Saves the Day!

With the health hazards that come with face to face interactions comes the rise of online learning.

Online learning has been around for a few decades now. But it’s not well developed as an industry and a practice especially in developing countries where gadgets and internet connectivity are not the most accessible.

Especially in a country like the Philippines, this sudden shift to online learning poses a slew of challenges for educators and students alike. But, it also brings in a plethora of advantages.

Online Learning is Flexible Learning

Not only is online learning a much safer alternative to face to face classes during the pandemic, but it also provides students and teachers the flexibility that technology provides us.

By leveraging technology, learning can become more collaborative and more time-independent; not to mention, online learning allows us to significantly lower our carbon footprint and minimizes the cost of education over time.

Using collaborative tools, teachers and students can communicate in real time and asynchronously. With the help of multimedia and other free resources available online, teachers can supplement their lessons to make learning more fun and interactive for students. They can even gamify lessons to improve student engagement.


Online Learning Made Us More Techy

Online Learning Made Us More Techy

One of the biggest challenges of online learning is the price tag that comes with technology. Though innovation lends us a lot of flexibility, it does come with a premium that most minimum wage workers might struggle with.

Though many still struggle with this issue, the pandemic and the rise of online learning forced private and government institutions to act so that the sectors most in need of technological advancement receive aid.

Several campaigns took place to equip public school students and teachers with gadgets and internet connection so that they can learn online.

Internet providers and tech companies are also pressed to provide better and more accessible services and products given the steep increase in demand brought forth by the pandemic.

Though there was much resistance in the beginning, the pandemic pushed entire industries to cope with the challenges that prevented entire sectors of the population from becoming technologically adept. Though the costs are still heavy today, the beauty of technology is its ability to deliver continuous returns despite diminishing costs.

A gadget is an investment. Internet access will soon become a basic right. With these tools, more and more Filipino students and teachers will learn, earn, level up and improve themselves at a much lower cost since online learning eliminates the need to travel. Over time, we will realize that truly, technology is an investment that keeps on giving.

We’re Adapting to Online Learning

It takes time to adapt to changes. But after a year into the pandemic, teachers and students have adapted online learning methods and made a previously intimidating mode of learning into something of their own.

We see incorporation of new learning methods not only on the individual level, but also with institutions. The longer we immerse ourselves in online learning, the less we see its drawbacks and the more we discover its benefits. This creates a permanent shift in education, especially in third world education, as it hastens a development which has been coming for a while now.


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How To Adapt To Online Learning if You're A Student

Online learning lacks the “human touch” component that face to face education has. Hence adjustments to traditional teaching methods are necessary for effective online learning.

Teachers need to become more creative in communicating lesson materials. But students also need to develop new study habits that allow them to maximize the benefits of online learning.

Here are two techniques that should help students with their online learning!

1. Use Tools To Your Advantage

When attending online classes, students can use applications to record their lessons and take down notes. Handwriting notes on pen and paper can now be replaced by digitized note-taking. Not only will this method save time, it also has higher accuracy and makes reviewing more efficient. Just don’t forget that what matters most is how you engage with the material and how your notes prompt you to do active recall!

2. Control Your Environment

Online learning exposes you to the internet which brings with it a lot of distractions. Not to mention, you are not in a controlled environment like the classroom, so it can be challenging to focus on your lessons.

To cope with distractions that come with online learning, students can use applications that block all other social media or non-educational sites and tools while they are learning. They can also utilize productivity applications to help monitor their studying; it has become especially popular to use tools that implement the Pomodoro method.

Aside from that, it is also highly recommended that one finds a space where they can learn best. This is a huge advantage for learners who don’t thrive in your traditional quiet desk space.

With online learning, you get to design and own your space. You can have a white board in front of you or you can work in the garden! Any place can be your online learning classroom. Just don’t forget to prepare headphones that have noise cancelling or noise isolation features so you can hear what your online teachers are saying.

After all, if you can’t control your environment to use it to your advantage, it will control you and begin to dominate your online learning.


Online Learning is Not Just a Trend

Online Learning is Not Just A Trend

Though online learning can’t replace all that face to face learning can provide, this alternative mode of education is able to address a huge chunk of what education is today -- to create discourse and to encourage thinking.

Even as we return to normal post-pandemic and schools reopen to admit students into their classrooms, online learning has cemented its place in the realm of education in the 21st century. In fact, education is forever changed, and with the potential of technology, we have unlocked a new era of education, making courses, lessons, and coaching a lot more accessible in a way face-to-face classes will never be able to do.

Online Education brings us hope. Even if the pandemic caused a hiccup in all of our timelines, online education has given us so much flexibility.

As Education takes a step back because of Covid-19, technology allows it to take more steps forward, paving the way for more accessible education.


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